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The steady development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery technology
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The gap between the high-end level of China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery and foreign countries is not large. Some of the equipment has been synchronized with the current world's latest technological advances. However, there is still a big gap between the overall level and the advanced level in foreign countries.
    At present, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery has filled in the blank of basic categories and basic technologies, but there is still a gap between China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery and the international advanced level in the sources of funds for product research and development, test conditions, product stability and automatic control. In automatic control technology, foreign pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment such as vacuum packaging machines, balers have basically realized the intelligent, user-friendly design, and China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery in the PLC control, interface control is relatively backward. In addition to the use of PLC control technology, we must at the same time in the material, design and all related aspects of making a matching choice, it is possible to achieve intelligent control. At the same time, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery in the stability is still relatively lacking, which may lead to product quality problems and affect the entire packaging line.
    Outstanding stability of pharmaceutical packaging machinery for large capacity, product variety and large pharmaceutical manufacturers, is a very critical requirement, because of unstable equipment can easily lead to shutdown production line and affect the yield. The main factors affecting the stability of pharmaceutical packaging machinery materials, components and basic transmission. First of all, the low-level configuration of materials and components can seriously affect the stability of the equipment, but at present, some enterprises in our country purchase low-grade or even inferior materials and components for cost reasons. Second, the basic drive on the packaging machine is also one of the factors that affect the stability of the packaging machine. At present, China's pharmaceutical packaging equipment to the basic chain, tug, pendulum stalk and other basic gear, which will bring mechanical stability problems, and foreign pharmaceutical packaging machinery are basically used servo drive system. It should be said that choosing a servo motor is not a very difficult business, but companies often consider the potential cost of introducing servo motors pressure. Enterprises from the traditional transmission instead of using servo motor drive, and thus need to other agencies or equipment also supporting servo motor, so that with the control accuracy, cost increases, so that many pharmaceutical companies can not afford.
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